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9 Adult Film Stars Who Are SHOCKINGLY Rich!

Adult Film Stars


9 Adult Film Stars Who Are SHOCKINGLY Rich!

As an over 15 billion dollar industry annually, the adult entertainment world is booming, and it’s top stars make some of the largest salaries in the world.

Let’s check out some of the top earners and how they made it to the top.

1) Asa Akira (Net worth: $450,000)

Adult Film Stars - Asa Akira

Although on the lower scale of revenue, Asa Akira is a very popular adult performer, and mesmerizes fans with her beautiful appearance and bubbly personality.

Asa is a younger adult performer on the books, and is likely to make many more movies in the future as she climbs the ladder of popularity in the adult industry.

Although only starring in a few movies to-date, she has been picked up by several popular film industry production companies and has hinted at an interest of producing her own adult films in the future.

2) Audrey Bitoni – (Net worth: 1.8 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Audrey Bitoni

A sexy, multi-ethnic fiery ball of energy, Audrey Bitoni has been in the Adult Film industry actively for several years, based out of Los Angeles California. She has a spicy mix of Spanish, Italian, and German descent.

With a very attractive set of “assets”, Bitoni is definitely a hotty by looks, and although short, by no means has a lack of energy, enthusiasm, and has continued to grow her international popularity. With her curvaceous, stunning beauty Bitoni is on the younger end, being born August of 1986.

3) Daisy Marie – (Net worth: 1.8 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Daisy Marie

With a super sexy smile, this bombshell brunette has boomed both the modeling and adult-film industry since 2002, when she first turned 18 years old. With over 400 adult-movies under her belt, she has also been seen on multiple Howard Stern Shows, and starred in various adult-magazines to date.

With nearly 2 million dollars in her pocket, Daisy Marie is definitely one for the books, and has been rumored to be in the process of not only establishing her own productions company, but also possibly starring in adult films in the near future.

4) Maria Ozawa – (Net worth: 2 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa, said to have gotten into the industry by watching adult-films courtesy of one of her friend’s brothers, Maria has been in several AV’s and is definitely a popular hit even today.

Originally a model for the porn site Shriouto-Teien, Maria got into the industry on her own by reaching out and modeling for Miyabi and creating her own hard-core film sample, which was later licensed and released both in CD and DVD format.

Maria has a super-sexy, “mixed” look to her and has a very curvy body in all the right places, driving men wild and easily making her millions!

5) Sasha Grey (Net worth: 2.5 million)

Adult Film Stars - Sasha Grey

With beautiful long dark brown hair and hazel eyes, Sasha Grey has earned millions of dollars performing in the adult entertainment industry. Starting her adult-film industry roles back in the Steven Soderbergh’s popular GFE, or the Girlfriend’s Experience, Sasha has been performing since the legal age of 18 in the adult industry.

Although not appearing nude in most mainstream films, she has starred in over 300 adult films, and has been performing since 2008. Sasha won the Adult Video News Award for best performer in 2011 and is loved by many loyal fans around the globe.

Labeled as one of the most well-loved and big-hit stars by CNBC, she rocked the adult entertainment industry for about 5 years and has occasionally taken on smaller roles and modeling since – now considered to be a very popular Supermodel.

6) Jenna Haze – (Net worth: 6 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Jenna Haze

Jenna haze is an extremely well known adult industry name, and can be found in over 600 adult films. Impressively, Jenna has directed over 15 adult-films herself, and has been awarded numerous awards throughout her both “acting” and film production career. She now has her own AV production company and studio, known as Jennaration X Studios.

Originally getting into the adult industry as influenced by her once boyfriend, an adult cameraman, she has since been working with men in the adult industry as of 2006, however has starred in plenty of adult films with only women in the past – or “girl on girl action” films.

Jenna Haze even has her own movie as the main star, called Jenna Haze Darkside, and has grown her reputation thanks to being one of the first major adult-film stars to produce a Blu-ray DVD in the market.

7) Bree Olson – (Net worth: 7 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Bree Olson

Bree Olson is a pretty well-known and marketed name in the adult-film industry. Olson has been in hundreds of movies, 300 or so to be exact. With her petite figure, super sweet smile, and sexy dark hazel eye’s it’s no wonder men and women alike enjoy her “innocent” presence on adult-films.

Olson ironically enough has actually lived with Charlie Sheen in the past and was labeled one of his top “angels” or goddesses as he likes to call them when interviewed by media outlets.

Bree Olson has also starred in several B-Feature horror and comedy films, and according to her she stopped producing adult films as of 2011. With her own website known as Adam & Eve, Bree has also successfully opened and reaps annual profits with her sex-toy product line, so she’s definitely ‘rollin in the dough’. With an unforgettable ‘girl next door’ look, it’s no wonder she made it to the top among some of the richest adult film stars!

8) Ron Jeremy – (Net worth: 7.5 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy, also known as Ron “Hedgehog” Jeremy is an adult-industry “legend”, as he’s appeared in thousands of adult-films – upwards of 2,000 to be exact. He is undoubtedly an adult-film star icon, leading the way and making millions of dollars in the industry, previously holding a career as a teacher, and even once appearing on the popular T.V. show Wheel of Fortune.

Considering his intelligence, level of education, outgoing and optimistic personality, it’s no wonder his “energy” was able to sky-rocket him through the adult-film industry- in which he’s been dominating since the late 1970’s.

Anyone who knows anything about anything in the adult-film industry will know the Ron Jeremy name. Ron has even moved on to creating his own “half-website half-portfolio” for interested fans and followers alike in which he continues to make money from to date. The majority of his (most recent) films have been rather “mainstream”, but he’s definitely done his share of acting in XXX films as well.

9) Tera Patrick – (Net worth: 15 Million)

Adult Film Stars - Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is a well-known adult-film model that started at an arguably unethical age, originally starring in adult films in Japan before being sent to the United States by her (very rich) father around 1988.

Starring in over 100 adult films, Tera has a rather at times tainted “reputation” for drug addiction and a super sexual-drive, but the important thing is she’s healthy now, and continues to make a killing in the industry, netting millions of dollars a year.

From her own clothing line (Mistress Couture) found in eBay stores, to her website, and even her own adult film production company, along with the licensing rights of her many films, Tera definitely sets the bar high for both young and older adult-film stars.

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